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Your Talents

I was watching a Facebook Live of a favorite author I know. The author of the book Measuring Up , Renee Vidor, was talking about wanting to die empty.

This meant that she does not want to die with any potential left.

She wants to die knowing that she used all of the talents that God has given her.

I'll say it again: Die Empty.

I simply love that concept and think about how silly I was when I was a young woman when John Tesh was the co-host of Entertainment Tonight.

When he left E.T. he quickly received much notoriety for being a pianist, composer, and actor. I wondered how someone could be good at so many things, and was it fair that one man could be famous and had so many different talents?

His accolades include winning six Emmys, having four gold albums, and for all of you Trekkies, appearing in Star Trek the Next Generation episode "The Icarus Factor" as a holographic Klingon!

He had briefly dated Oprah Winfrey at one time, had run the New York City Marathon in under four hours, was in the daytime serial Santa Barbara, was the sports announcer for major events like the Olympic Games, Hawaii Ironman, and New York City Marathon.

John was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame, and into the National Radio Hall of Fame.

He is a family man with a wife and child. survived prostate cancer, is an author of more than one book, Intelligence for Your Life, and Relentless .

He is the current host of Intelligence for Your Life Radio Show and is a man of faith.

I could go on, but I like to keep my blog posts short.

I get that you or I may not be John Tesh, but I also know that God did give you talents that you may be ignoring, afraid to use, or just dormant and waiting for the right time to be unleased.

Don't wait. Get out there and make a splash in this world.

1 Peter 4:10 Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.

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