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Stronger Than

Stacey takes the reader through a subject many have suffered but few talk about... infidelity. This narrative non-fiction shows the conflict and vulnerability. Will their children find out? Does their marriage make it? What lies on the other side of such a breach of trust?

Letters to the Dead Men is a book about a young girl finding out where she fits into this world through grief and unexpected revelations.

Letters to the
Dead Men

Death often comes when we least expect it and forces us to reevaluate who we are without that person in our lives. Follow Lydia in her struggle to shed the guilt and regrets as she moves into adulthood and finally finds closure.

Homeschooling book for any time and any age. Learning is lifelong.

Homeschooling During and Beyond Covid-19

Stacey homeschooled her three children long before the global pandemic and can relate to the fear that parents often have wondering if their children are learning enough.
Her children, now grown, are thriving in the real world.
She gives suggestions, hope and humor as she discovered that learning does not just take place at the dining room table.

What People Say

Stacey Greene is a terrific story teller that makes us think and reflect on the lives we’ve had the
privilege of knowing. Her compassionate heart helps us see ourselves if the characters and moves
us to a greater understanding of the gifts we’ve been given in our lives. With a sweet, conversational style, Stacey brings us into the important role of valuing those around us. Pick it up and you’ll be into it throughout the journey. Well done!

 - Jim Zugschwert, Stronger Than Broken - 

Having suffered the loss of my daughter a few months ago, and both parents within 3 years
I approached this book with caution and concern. I didn’t know how I would deal with the eruptions of raw emotion that might be uncomfortable to embrace. Instead, I found that the whimsical journey through Lydia’s life allowed me to carefully reflect on some of the wonderfully joyful moments in her loss story and mine. I enjoyed the flashback to a 70’s childhood and the hippy chic culture that was Coventry in the 80’s. Rather than inducing more pain in my grief journey her story made me want to sit down and write a few letters to dead men

and women of my own.

 - Lore, Letters To The Dead Men - 

Stacey generously offers great advice, and experience to parents who are seeking to stay on top of a new reality. Don't miss this!
 - Shanda G, Homeschooling During and Beyond Covid-19 - 

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